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What is John F. Barnes’s Myofascial Release?


Are you sick and tired of feeling so limited all the time?

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a non-invasive, gentle, and extremely effective revolutionary treatment that stretches and hydrates the body’s connective tissue — also known as fascia or myofascia. MFR addresses the causes, not just the symptoms of chronic pain and orthopedic conditions.  Using gentle stretching, pressure, and traction, the therapist helps release restrictions and tightness in the fascia that cause pain and limitation.  This restores the patient’s body to a functional and pain-free state and activates natural self-healing mechanisms.  SEE HOW FASCIA LOOKS LIKE!


Is pain stopping you from enjoying your life?

Fascia is a continuous web of tissue that spans the entire body.  It connects muscles and tendons and wraps internal organs much like a spider net or a woven sweater.  Fascial lines are connected throughout the body and restrictions in one area can cause symptoms in another.  Tightness in your lower back, for example, can cause stiffness and pain in your neck. Or, an old ankle injury can put your hips at imbalance and create chronic lower back pain.  Myofascial Release treats causes and not just symptoms of pain and restriction and thus returns your body to a fully functional, painless state.


What about if you could throw off limitations?

Fascia has three major components: elastic and collagen fibers and the ground substance.  As our body endures stress, physical and emotional trauma, fascia tends to tighten and stiffen. (Think of a dried up jelly or a dry sponge.) The ground substance solidifies and loses its ability to provide nourishment to the tissues and cells. Restrictions in the fascia diminish mobility and compress muscles and organs thus causing pain.  It has been estimated that fascia can exercise up to 2000 pounds of pressure over one square inch of sensitive structures in the body!  With such tremendous pressure, chronic inflammation persists throughout the body creating pain, stiffness and “mysterious” symptoms traditional medicine often cannot explain. To return us to the freedom in our bodies, these restrictions need to be released.


Just imagine the pain that is there all the time becoming a faded memory… How would that feel?

Time is the crucial element in every Myofascial Release treatment.  The therapist applies gentle, gradual pressure to restricted areas and instead of stretching the fascia, she allows it to release at its own pace, thus creating a lasting change. During treatment, you can experience a variety of sensations.  As the tissues release stored tension, physical pain and emotional memories can surface.  It is important to stay PRESENT with these sensations.  Breathing and feeling into the restrictions and pain is necessary to enable healing.  Your body may also move spontaneously to release past trauma — allow it to.  It is healing. The therapist is there to make sure you are safe all the time.

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