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Freedom Therapy Myofascial Release Reviews

After my doctor recommended hip replacement surgery, I decided first to try physical therapy to see if it could help strengthen my hip. I had accepted the hip pain and wasn’t expecting much improvement there. My daughter recommended MFR therapy and it turned out to be a godsend. Not only has my flexibility improved, along with my posture and walking but the chronic hip pain also subsided. Monika is an excellent therapist and a compassionate healer. While I may still do the surgery, I am healthier and prepared for it. My therapy sessions with Monika have improved my Life and I am very grateful
Kristi L’Amoreaux
After my treatment Thursday I feel much different - better. Your treatment was so different than all the other forms of bodywork. The way you lingered over the areas of my pain, you easy way and your concern, I feel your therapy is better, will be better than the others. As much as I like a good massage, a deep Rolfing and the subtle mind/body work with Feldenkris, I feel much different after this one treatment with you. There is still some discomfort in my right hip but no where near the pain I had been experiencing. Thank you so very much. I do plan on scheduling with you again
Ken B
I have been seeking pain relief in my body on and off for years. I grew discouraged with time and money spent on treatments that provided only very temporary relief. From my first session with Monika, I knew we were making progress. After six sessions, my standing, walking, and moving is improved and I have less pressure in my body. I can’t help but share my enthusiasm about Monika and her practice. She is a gentle,warm, and caring soul who guides me and my body into an intimate, healing journey. I recently had an incredible session where Monika was a type of midwife to me as II travailed through pain into joyous relief. I am so thankful I found Freedom Theraoy. I’m a frugal person but I am gladly investing in my comfort and health knowing that each session is building on the prior.
It is my pleasure to recommend Monika and Myofascial Release.An imperfect spine, and several car accidents, left me in constant discomfort and, sometimes, pain. My lower back would heat up and throb; it felt like sharp little needles poking me. At times my neck would seize up so bad that any movement was unbearable. I always felt better after a chiropractic appointment, but the effects didn't last. Then a friend recommended Monika, who is a miracle worker. This has been a life changer for me. Her calm and quiet nature allow me to concentrate on my body and the healing process. I actually feel taller, I am certainly standing up straighter. Thank you Monika!
I would love to recommend Monika's wonderful work. I deal with roving chronic pain and after a month of intense pain I found Monika. She explained that it often takes several visits to release deeply patterned body pain. That said, after the 1st session I left with 90% if my pain gone! I couldn't believe it, acupuncture, nor massage have been able to release the pain. Myfascial release and Monika's strong and patient work performed a miracle on my body. Naturally I have gone back for more. Thank you Monika!
I wasn't sure what to expect from the Myofascial Release work and was amazed at the level of release that occurred in two sessions of this deceptively gentle and intuitive work. Monika's expertise, sensitivity, and calm presence allowed for physical and emotional aspects of very old trauma to surface, and facilitated a profound healing. Her ability to draw out and stay with deep emotions made the space safe to experience whatever arose, and her kindness and ease made the transitions in and out of the work smooth. She is a very gifted healer, and I feel fortunate to have found her.
I have had low back pain for years and have been used to seeing a chiropractor regularly. I had believed that was my only option until I had a few sessions with Monika. The second time I saw her my back wasn't hurting but I decided to go anyway to prevent it from going out in the future. Since that session I have not had back pain for month and for a time I forgot that I ever even had back pain at all! Monika is a very sensitive and intuitive person and healer. You feel her being present with you and that she truly cares. I believe Myofascial Release is a profound healing modality and Monika is a perfect "channel" for this work. Thanks Monika!
Kari Rasmussen
I was unfortunate enough to have broken both my wrists at the same time in December 2011~ but fortunate enough to have met Monika during my recovery time in Sonoma CA. I received three myofascial release sessions with her, and as I was in the early stages of recovery, I was limited in the movement of my arms. I found her to be extremely sensitive to this. She has an all too rare ability to connect during the sessions and I found her to be extremely intuitive which helped me to relax, and to learn to listen to my body. She is a sensitive communicator, and I felt an all over benefit from the very personal sessions with her. I felt a lightness and freedom in my body, which was much needed. I have no hesitation recommending Monika to anyone who is looking for an alternative technique, with care and attention that can only make you walk out feeling better!
Janine D
I have recieved 2 myofascial release sessions from Monika so far and I have really enjoyed them! The technique is really slow and subtle and brings a deep sense of relaxation to my whole being (body & spirit.) I am also a massage therapist and have very tight muscles all over from working and really like a good deep tissue massage but I decided to try this work and even though it is very different from traditional massage therapy it is just as relaxing and beneficial. I highly recommend Monika as a Myofascial release practitioner. She is highly intuitive, nurturing and skillful in her art. I can't wait until the next time I can have a session with Monika!
Maya Nicholls
Hi, my name is Mindy Broadstone (founder of Institute of Integrative Wellness  and I would like to share with you the impact of Monika Szumilak’s work with me in just one session. I have been a practitioner of manual and energetic work myself as an Occupational and Massage Therapist for over 25 years and apply some of the same techniques Monika is skilled. My training and experience has honed my awareness of my own body and the refined skills that is requires to get me to the next step of healing. After receiving an unwinding session which is part of MFR, it was obvious that Monika is one of those gifted MFR therapists. She can sense what is needed, choose the necessary techniques and apply them with skill and compassion. The results in one session included dramatic reduction in pain and incredible mobility where my body has felt stuck for years. I was lucky to befriend Monika at a conference and receive one session. I live across the country in Florida and will seek further MFR treatment with someone she recommends in my area, as I have renewed hope of tackling a recent reoccurrence of chronic neck and back pain. I hope you make a commitment to yourself and schedule some sessions with Monika. You will be glad you did!
Mindy Broadstone OTR,LMT, CLT-LANA
Monika is an exceptional and gifted healer. I have been very fortunate to be receiving myofascial release from her for the past few months. I have lived with chronic neck, back, hip, and pelvic pain for many years. I have explored many modalities of bodywork and energetic work over the years. While I have found short term relief, my body was never able to hold any real correction and the pain persisted. After only a few months of work with Monika, my mobility has greatly improved and my pain level has significantly decreased. Monika is intuitive and wise and she brings these strengths to her work and to her clients' healing. I cannot recommend Monika highly enough!
Terri M
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