MFR Self treatment

Self-treatment is an essential element of your healing process with Myofascial Release.  Become curious about what your body needs from you to truly heal and release stored restrictions and past trauma.  Ask your body!  Listen and be open to what you hear.  Being courageous, patient and listening deeply pays off in unimaginable ways.  


Set your goals clearly and visualize yourself with detail and in color becoming the person you most want to be.  See your future self so that your body knows that you truly want to heal, become pain-free and create the life you love.  See yourself full of energy and enthusiasm; see yourself pursuing your goals and having fun!  Remember, we are not meant to suffer and be in pain.  We are not 
meant to struggle.  We are meant to create the most fulfilling and beautiful existence we can imagine. Follow your dreams and be patient with your healing.  Patience, listening and persistence will bring you more than you can know now!


Please enjoy these resources that will help you reap true benefits from your therapy and get your investment of time, energy and finances back faster.


Self treatment videos

How to self treat with the yellow ball

How to self-treat with the foam roller

Best tools to use to self treat with MFR by Joni Edmunds

Tucson Freedom Therapy Myofascial Release

How to use CranioCradle for headaches by Joni Edmunds

Tucson Freedom Therapy Myofascial Release

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