Monika Szumilak, LMT (MT-13244)

Are you wishing to work and play without constant pain?


Monika Szumilak, LMT, is an Expert Level Myofascial Release (MFR) therapist in Tucson, AZ.  Monika’s passion is to help her clients regain freedom from pain in their bodies so that they can create fulfilling and successful lives for themselves and their loved ones.  She inspires her clients to learn to tune in and listen to their bodies and regain control over their lives.  With her expert touch, intuitive skills and in-depth understanding of the body system, Monika has helped hundreds of chronic pain patients to get back hope and stop chronic pain from taking over their lives.  She has helped them move with ease again and enjoy their everyday lives.  She has worked with athletes, post-surgical patients and clients affected with chronic conditions and illness with equally outstanding results.


Do you want to wake up each morning with gratitude, joy and excitement, saying Yes! to life?


Monika is a successful and sought after therapist and the owner of Freedom Therapy, MFR in Tucson, AZ. She is also a passionate educator and experienced presenter, having left behind a career in higher education to dedicate herself to healing work.  Monika has completed Myofascial release training with nationally recognized founder of MFR approach, John F. Barnes PT.  She achieved expert level in this healing modality and assists in teaching official MFR seminars. She continues to uplevel her education by repeating MFR courses on a regular basis.  She has studied various valuable forms of bodywork, such as trigger point therapy, aquatic massage, cranio-sacral therapy and Shiatsu, but finds Myofascial Release work to be the closest to her heart and most effective for her clients.  


Do you yearn for a deep, long lasting relief?


Monika is also passionate about combining her hands-on treatments with simple and effective techniques and guidance in self-care for her patients.  A former martial artist and chronic pain patient herself, she has an “insider” take on what it means to suffer from pain and what it takes to overcome it.  She shares with enthusiasm and passion the potential we all have to live a healthy life and regain control over our body.  


What would be possible without pain?


Monika has recently moved back to Tucson from Northern California.  She missed the Arizona desert too much, and she is very excited to bring her MFR work back with her to serve new and past clients!  She is originally from Poland but lived in various countries as well as several US states. She loves new experiences and she traveled extensively in Europe, the Americas and Africa.  She really enjoys meeting new people, learning about their culture and making friends around the world. When not working with clients or attending seminars, Monika loves to spend time in nature and hike with her mutt-pup Cosmo.  She loves to stay active and her latest hobby is Aerial Acrobatics.  

Karen Zelonka, LMT


Karen Zelonka LMT has been providing bodywork for over 40 years. She is committed to a high quality of touch: being present, kind and effective while listening with her hands.  Her focus is on helping people recover a sense of ease and wellbeing, in body, mind and spirit.  Karen is passionate about continuing her education with John F. Barnes in Myofascial Release and offering this powerful modality to anyone seeking relief from pain and wishing to heal and reconnect with themselves.   

Karen is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and practices this and other styles of yoga regularly. The arts have also been an important part of Karen’s life: creating things of beauty and playing with painting, pottery, printmaking, dance, music and photography.  She is certified in Esalen Massage, Trager Psychophysical Integration, Thai Massage and Cranial Sacral Work.  Myofascial release has opened a new path for working with people and providing clients with a powerful sense of relief and wellbeing. 


About Freedom Therapy MFR





Are you frustrated that you have tried all those exercises and therapy and you are still in pain?


Freedom Therapy MFR specializes exclusively in the revolutionary Myofascial Release approach (MFR) created and taught by John F. Barnes.  This technique offers a lasting relief from chronic pain, headaches and many other symptoms.  MFR has helped innumerable patients who suffered from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, frozen shoulder, whiplash, spinal and disc problems, or scoliosis, among others. By accessing the fascial system of the body with a gentle and intuitive yet firm touch, and by deeply listening to the whole body, the Myofascial Release therapist relieves the CAUSES, not just symptoms, of pain and limitation.  As the body releases its contractions, emotional blockages are also removed.  The patient is able to shift away from the limiting patterns and make a leap into a fulfilling existence.  Life is NO longer about limitation and fear of being injured -- it becomes a journey of discovery; new opportunities suddenly manifest and a life unfettered from previous fears and blocks becomes a reality.  


Would you like to have focus and energy to create a life you want?

Freedom from chronic pain with myofascial release