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Thank you for your interest in Myofascial Release therapy!  


10 Session Package: 1300

First session: 130 to evaluate if further treatments will be appropriate

2 week intensive (10 sessions): 1200

Accepted forms of payment: cash, check, Zelle, Venmo, Paypal.  If you need to use a credit card directly, there will be a 3% fees assessed.  Thank you! 


Important Note:

We require to sign up for your complementary consultation so that you can help us learn more about your needs and find out if your situation is a good a match for Myofascial Release therapy. 

This way you will also be able to get a precise idea about your investment in your therapy.  

To do so, please text or email us or sign up for a complimentary phone consultation with Monika below.  Click on the link below and you will also be given instructions on how to qualify:




Thank you so much, we will get in touch shortly to confirm that you qualify.

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