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60 Minute Virtual Myofascial Release Session (Zoom) Book here: CLICK 

Do you feel like you body is in straight jacket and you can’t move?

Are you afraid to make it worse with stretching or exercise?

Is pain and stress limiting your life and taking the joy out of your day?


We have a solution!


In this 60 minute experience in the safety of your home Monika will guide you though a series of stretches and self-treatment techniques to


Facilitate release of pain,

Increase your mobility and

Help move stress out of your body...

This is a fully customized experience that addresses your physical wellbeing along with emotional health depending on your needs.


We will conduct an assessment via video conferencing to address your needs in the most effective way. What is included:


  1. Assessment of your postural imbalances and challenges. What is working? What is not working?

  2. Self-treatment guidance leading to releasing tension and restrictions in the connective tissue (fascia) and eliminating pain.

  3. Soothing, relaxing atmosphere for you to get the maximum benefit and ease any emotional distress.

  4. Instruction to make the techniques work best for you.

  5. Guidance to create an ongoing daily practice to heal your chronic pain and discomfort along with exercise and therapy suggestions if applicable.

  6. Monika will also your questions and concerns and provide guidance for continuing daily self-treatment.

  • This 60 minute session will leave you feeling revitalized, will decrease any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing.

  • You will receive tools and techniques to use in your daily routing to prevent pain and stress from taking over your life!!


Attention!  Private partner session is also available on Zoom.  Please click here to book!


The requirements are stable internet connection and Zoom software. It is highly recommended to purchase “Miracle Ball Method” (with two 4-inch blue inflatable balls) for your session or any other 4-inch inflatable ball. 

Please watch it before your session: CLICK HERE


Thank you so much for considering this service. It will be a true honor to assist you this way.

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